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#3.It's in Hydi and My Experiences about the Locale

      Kindly Note that this post is a part of the series ' Baby-girl away from Home, into HYDeraCITY [Series] 

Short Preview:


Snow world


Ramoji FilmCity


Salarjung Museum

Hyd Biryani

NTR gardens

Hussein Sagar

Lumbini Lazershow

Charminar, Mecca Masjid:

            If we can say the Charminar is the Icon of Hyderabad and the Pearl bazaar got the world fame, then definitely it would make sense without visiting those places.
Charminar [File From Web]

                              We, the 7 members are excited to see the Charminar. It took nearly 1 & Half Hr journey via Bus route to reach the place. So class bunk. ;) We can have a glance from the bus stop near by. We are very much excited as we walk through the way to reach the Charminar from the bus stop. But, as soon we reach the Charminar, our excitement is no more, coz it’s not to that good that we actually thought for.

[From Web] Night view, That We Missed
                         We climbed into one of the pillar & had a view around. Inner walls are totally covered by writings, old & dark.

Mecca Masjid [Front View]
                Mecca Masjid, near by the Charminar, is the first (& of course last) masjid that I had visited. I must say it is the one among ‘Must-Watch’ places in Hydi. Here, the one thing I loved most is that the front is fully covered by pigeons. We could have a great fun & of course lovely photos.
                            Pearl Bazaar is famous for the pearl accessories, especially the Pearl Bangles. The thing I felt strange is that every shopkeeper invites their customers with their hand-gestures, as if they are calling small kids. For the first time, when a shopkeeper made a hand-gesture, I thought they are calling me for something. But as soon I reached, I came to know that they are inviting me to shop the things. Really Strange!!

Snow World & Imax :

Snow World

                            Wow… I felt snowing! I played with snowballs. Even I became an igloo. It’s a fantastic experience in the snow world, spent half a day with my sweet buddy, Harshini and her family. 

                    Imax is my first visit in the list of malls. It's a cool place to hang out with friends.

Interior [ Entrance ]

[ In Other angle ]

                        In the remaining half, we saw ‘Harry potter’ in Imax Big Screen. I just loved to watch the boring movie in such a big screen.

                           It’s awesome to watch the movies in such a big screen.


Golconda Fort
                       On a very sunny day, Chandu & myself planned to visit Golconda fort, which is one of the grandest forts in India, build in the 13th century by Kakatiyas. The name 'Gola Konda' means Shephard's hill, which is The Timeless Wonder of Andhra Pradesh. We bought the entrance tickets and entered into the fort through the outermost gateway, which is called 'Fateh Darwaza', The Victory Gate. The archway dome, which is next to the entrance door, is a marvel in itself. It is famous for the acoustics effect that is produced inside the dome. It is said that if we clap our hands inside the dome, it can be heard a kilometer away. This amazing effect was used to send a warning of an approaching attack to 'Bala Hisar', which is the highest point of the fort.

The Fort in Colours, We missed it. [file photo from Web]
                        Usually the Golconda trip starts the journey from right to left. Unfortunately, we have started from left to right, which obviously turned into a hell broke loose. There are 87 bastions, eight gateways, four drawbridges and numerous temples, beautiful palaces and mosques. It possesses a unique charm that is further highlighted by the barren vast lying landscape and surrounding hills. Towering over the low-lying Hyderabad, Golconda Fort has only few challengers in India when it comes to the presence and the grandeur.

                 However the painful traverse may be, we enjoyed ourselves in a different way knowing the great history of the place.

Ramoji Filmcity :
                   Ramoji Film City, covers about 1650 acre, is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex and one of Asia’s most popular tourism and recreation centers
One among Greenery locations 
                            Very boring.. I found nothing interesting here, except the yummy juices that I used to have for every couple of hours. It’s better to watch it in the movies, rather than getting irritated in the hot sun. 
Almost long ways to walk through..

                             Mom, Dad and myself, felt as if we have entered into a game puzzle and here finding a way out. It’s stupid to waste one full day.

However, among all the places, I loved this royal look, where we could feel as if we are in a Castle.
Royal Look

Koti, Shopping, Books,

Gokul chats, Sultan Bazar : 

                            Koti and the Sultan bazaar are the places where we can buy the things at lower price. Huge crowded that is totally packed by the people. Yiewwww…! Shopping!! I bought 2 rings, 4 nail polishes, 2 watches, 3 key-chains, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 bag, 3 bracelets and of course (as I saw an Ice cream parlor) I ate one softie. OMG! We have to shout like anything for bargaining which I learnt while shopping itself.
Finally tired and had chats in ‘Gokul chats’, a small old and almost dirty area about which we heard a lot. At a glance, any one can think that the food may not be hygiene, but as we got impressed by the crowd, ordered for Puri masala, Bhel puri and Dahi puri. Ummmmmmmhh..!! It’s Delicious and Yummy.


                       On the opposite side, the whole wing is fully covered by the small shops. Books.. Books.. Books… We can find any type of book, available in many versions and even second-handled. My three friends bought an Oxford dictionary. [Thinking it might be helpful in gaining something.] 

Salarjung and Nizam Museum:

Outer view
                            It’s our Museum, but no one is interested neither to know our history nor even to accompany me. Finally, Sindhu made it a very big day for me. Entrance charges (or maintenance charges) for Indians is Rs.5/- but it’s nearly Rs.250/- for foreigners. I’m impressed. We both had an AC cool trip for colorful diamonds and the beautiful jewelry. Of course these are beautiful just to watch, but not to own them.

Bavarchi Biryani [Ofcourse Veg ;) ] :

Bawarchi in X-Roads
                            I suddenly realized that my trip in Hyd is about to end but yet I didn’t tasted the Hyderabadi Biryani. No one among my friends is interested for Biryani as it is in CrossRoads. If it is not now, then it could be for never. After a long wait, finally I caught Raj to accompany me for Bavarchi. But, this stupid Bro laughed at me for having a Veg biryani as Hyd biryani is famous for Non-veg.

Note : Veg-Biryani
                   But who cares for the nonsense. It’s Vysh, always NO for Non-veg. I would proudly say that I ate Veg sitting in between Non-veg and this is my time entering into Non-veg. I wana taste Hyd biryani and so I did it. That’s it!! :D  *Claps*

NTR Gardens and NTR Ghat :

Colorful nea...!

                            Yeah… Even I had a visit.

NTR Gardens
NTR Ghat, the place where Honorable AP-Ex CM and the great legend of Telugu Movies, NTR buried.


In opposite angle
The Outer look
Close look of a pillar
Lord Buddha,

[Hussein sagar = Kampu sagar]:

Lord Buddha on Hussein Lake
                                 Lord Buddha statue is in the middle of Hussain sagar, a well-known lake for its smell in Hydi. This is our worst case that we left to the place at almost 7.30pm, where we have failed to feel our excitement to see the Lord properly.

Night View: Necklace road
                     But we had a wonderful view at the Necklace road where the entire headlights of vehicles on the road gives the feeling as if it is a diamond necklace & hence the name ‘Necklace road’.

Lumbini Gardens, Laser show,

 Necklace road & Eat Street :

Necklace road

                                   We spent a wonderful evening in that cool breeze of Lumbini Gardens. We enjoyed ourselves in the laser show and I must say that we became small kids for a while, playing & shouting at one another. We fully tired to such an extent that we felt hungry just by hearing the name ‘Eat-Street’. Here, I felt good, in fact awesome having the delicious foods with all my best buddies around in such a cool & relaxed environment, besides the lake view. This is the very particular moment that I could ever remember in my lifetime from the episode of My Hydi.


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  1. Haaaaahhh nice to see I'm not the only one who found Hyderabad's tourist traps largely unamusing, especially Ramoji's. I did, however, enjoy the hell out of Charminar and Golconda fort (you didn't go there, did you?). Not every city in India has the *ehem* charm of Charminar. And the myths/stories/history (who knows the difference between the three anymore) behind the fort were pretty fascinating.

  2. Hey Daisy, I guess U might hav confused. Wel howevr this cud hapn.. So I juz added the short preview in the beginning.. Checkout.. I dint missed thos places too :)

    Thanks n Regards

  3. santosh says:

    Bavarchi Biryani [Ofcourse Veg ;)..............hehehhehee.....:p:D

  4. Reshma says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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