The Vision of My Life

#2. Friends, Hostel and The City

      Kindly Note that this post is a part of the series ' Baby-girl away from Home, into HYDeraCITY [Series] 

                            We [now it’s “Rainbow” ] started outing & partying. We became close with 3 more hostel mates (Sandhya, Ragini & Swathi.) We all totally dedicated to ‘Pokiri’, the hottest movie of Mahesh babu. W'Gala gala paarutunna godari la …’W for all the time & chilling out like W‘Dola dola dil zara zara …’W  At times, W‘idi varakennadu parichayam avani , ika payi eppudu dooram kani, nako kottha lokam kavale e e …’W  for ‘Mere hath mein, tera hath hai... Sari zannath teri paas hain…’W

                    We thought that we took a room in a Girl's hostel, but then after we understood it's a hostel where rooms are also available for boys. Felt strange and of course we adjusted. “Hostel Life” … which included the ultimate freedom, also includes the boring business like washing clothes, storing water, cleaning blah blah on the same levels. At nights, we love to sleep in the balcony of our hostel. Mmmmhh…..!! Cool climate... Black all over... With the lights at the corner of the streets... Twinkling stars with moon lightening… Friendly environment along with mosquito’s dancing… Even though it’s a very good place for dreaming, we were in the situation with time deficiency to allot the time for sleeping. We woke all over the night. We use to arrange our beds in a circle, headed at center & start chitchatting for almost the whole night. It’s a rare thing that all the 7 members getting sleep. No one can sleep easily without having drowsy for the remaining. We are the victims, blamed by most of the remaining hostel mates. We never cared for those and always have fun in our own way. We are in the group in such a way that we have our own world either at mess or in the balcony. Our lunch or dinner, cleaning or planning, we all are happily irritating one another. Always we have allotted the time for sleeping while during the classes. ;) 
                Every day, we use to have chats in the bakery, near by the institute. And for me, I use to take an Ice cream or a Softie near by the Satyam theater. Different flavors of the ice cream are available for all the seven days of the week that I never use to miss any single flavor on any day. On one particular day, when everything around is calm and cool, breezing silently and about to drizzle, and when I'm looking for a butter-scotch softee, I encountered a handsome charming, with cute and wet hair, dressed in jeans and red-T parking his bike. [ Hahhh.. Just an Eye-candy! I swear!! ;) ]
                    Usually, we are in a belief that ambling cats are a negative sign of saying about the completion of a work. But here, we use to say hi for such many ambling cats for almost every time whenever we start our journey and will be back to hostel having an happy end. Thus I understood, cats are just cute and pretty pets and it's just a blind belief. 
                   We enjoyed ourselves to the core in such an extent that we have changed the whole environment of the hostel, where each and every one got started knowing about 'Rainbow!'

                              Ameerpet, Our Adda !! I didn’t understand why it is named as ‘Ameer’pet while most of the students grooms here. The street that passes by Aditya Enclave is fully covered by papers, Ad sheets. Here, for the first time, I found ‘Chicken Kabob’ as a fast food. [OMG! I hated to walk there by.] 

Aditya Enclave
In front of Aditya Enclave
            Satyam theatre’, in which we always planned to watch the movie but finally saw Godavari, a telugu movie, that we haven’t enjoyed it to the level we had expected and so, never planned for the next time. ;)
My first visit, ‘Gurudwar’, a lovely place at which for the first time I felt good watching a small amount of running water on the steps that cleans our feet. Before entering into it, we have to cover our head with a cloth provided. Inside, I found many swords & talwars with a book opened. These are worshiped here. No one could able to answer my question regarding why these are worshiped here. Strange!
Mythrivanam’ is our bus stop, from where we usually start our trip. But we never stepped into the building, don’t know what exactly it is.


           A softie Ice cream near by ‘RS Brothers’, which I loved the most and very delicious. [Missing it badly.] 

           Once in SR Nagar bus stop, we found 6-7 people in a group, very familiar. Suddenly we got to know ‘Gundu Hanumantha Roa’, a comedian in many Telugu movies and the rest followed. [Oops! Don’t know the remaining names except their faces.]
                         Daily, we have a trip to at least single site seeing or for shopping. [At times, Window-shopping.] Initially we collected the details a lot about the routes, timing, bus-numbers, & bus stops. But as days passed, we just wana know about the remaining places to be covered. We covered most of the Hydi. [Next in #3]


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. pramod says:

    superb pictorial narrative. I see you are enjoying your studies.

  3. vasu says:

    Hi dear................
    Its nice to recall our memories.............
    u haven't included me and rest of our 2 friends dear...............

  4. Vasuu... V, The rainbow !!! How Cud u think atleast that I dint included? U r a part f the Rainbow dear...........!

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