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                 This is my most Favorite Orkut page Where all My Best buddies replied me with their cute n Sweeeet memories  ..

Here it goes ..


When the words starts taking place the memories & the moments you shared with your love ones then
that is the time you should feel that you are coming close to each other. This is the first step towards the relationship. When you stop getting the words to express yourself after the established realtionship that is the point where your imgination & bonds starts flowing in the form of expressions with each other.This is the point where your relation starts taking the shape of an RAINBOW, which have all the colours of the life.
And finally the stage comes when you are invisible & are close from your heart this is the time you start feeling that the God has given you the best Angel in the form of you from his treasure.
So you have made me to get the words for you initially when you landed in my life. Then you made the realtion for me like a Rainbow & Finally you are my Angel, 

^.^ $IND#U ^.^:

U knw vishnu i hv mor 2 share wd u, i thnk dz z realy nt enough 4 me. d real n 
true feelings whn am wit u n d day u hold my hand as a frn it was awesome.d 
days 4m dat tym were thrild n luvly.nt only d past days ra each n evry sec i 
spend wd u it alwys b memorable...short(only 4 yrs) n sweet.. Lv u 4ever 

keerthi reddy:

hey its in our college days funcy talks,comments on lecturers..... 


ya i hav lotttt 2 share wd uuuuu ...u r d only true n bst frnd 4 me frm my 

childhood i think evryone knws tatttttttt.... i hd sweet n lil bit sad memories 

wit u bt stil we r vry gud frensssssss......u knw evry thing abt me.u r always wit 
me in my happiness n thing i can say tat ur d only frend whom i 
can share evrything wit uuu raaaa.....luv u my dear................ 


ur my only sis tat i can share every thing with u............. 


ur r my best best best frnd...ur a life long frnd dear..really i njoyed college 
days wit u alot.. now iam missing u so much ra...iam sharing all my feelings with 

u only...ur my cweet heart..i love u . 


if im NTR,ur SAVITRI in raktasambandham,if im CHIRANJEEVI,ur 
REVATHI in lankeswarudu,if im MAHASH BABU,ur KEERTHI REDDY in A
nnavaram................finally if im RAVANA,ur SURPANAKKA..............hahahaha just 



syntel kalipina of the most precious friends i have in my 
life.....parichaya kaalam chinnadey ayina, friendship maatram  

peddadhey....mana friendship ayina ee koddhi kaalam lo daadapu anni share  

chesukunna (happy n sorrow moments)....andaritho tvaraga k

alisipovadam...eppudu positive mindset tho undadam....always smiling....nee 
strengths....n hope u'll have all the success in ur future.... 


hmmm well whr to start a good decent intelligent honest loyal sharp alantivi 
kakkuda edo frdly anthe :P joku adi ..really she s good frdly character any 

one can trust her 


i like ur attitude...........and caring others good 


chocolate baby..............u know how 2 njoy life n how 2 design it..........u r very 
bubbly girl.i like it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much..........u r my bubbly 
fren .........bye 


Hi Buddy

Whenever I thinks about u , ur smiling face :) :) :) :) comes into picture . I 

cant forget the day which I spent with u in coffeeday . Within 2 meetings u 
make me to share about myself , that was so sweet about u .............. I enjoyed 
the things about ur college days n all other things which u shared ................ U r 
a bubbly girl , open hearted & talks a lot , which I liked the most .............. I 
really really enjoyed ur company .......... Am very happy that I got a chance to 
make friendship with u..............

I wish all the best for ur future life :) :) :) :) :) 


Vishnu...I don't know how I will feel when I am with you, but I can feel s

omething is missing in your absence. 

^.^ $IND#U ^.^:

vishnu rely a wonderful n lvly heart i found until nw.............i saw u frst in our
bit col ra...@ dat tim i felt, u r kool n u'l mingle very soon n 1thng dz realy 

true feeling i i dono y i missed u 4 dz 2 yrs.Evn tho i wsnt dat mch 

close dt days u alwyz helpd me in my curicular. n Hyd made us 2b much 
closer chweetu...n aftr dt hyd, dayz wer rly roking in our col spcly bunking ;) 
n Njymnts in ur home, i mean new yr parties realy WOW! :) n in 4th yr,dz 
days wer fantastic...ech n evry sec seems 2 b quite impressive n crazy wit u 
kadaa... i 4gt our cpm travels. prj wrk.. Dono abt prjct bt dhoom dham njymnt 
ra..V cud nevr gt bak...n Our bike ride was lik..flying in the r juz dyz i spent wit u r sweet memories...n no doubt u always d same 4 
me.vishnu... :) 


simply.... the calm, cool, bright, intelligent spark comes to mind 


vyshu one of my bst frnd and well she is my first orkut frnd tried my level 

bst to flirt her but some how managed to gain her frndship atlast wth lot of 

struggle so strangers its very tough to gain frndship frm this silly naughty 
stupid girl so dont waste tym coz it took me 2 mnths to jus enter into her 
profile strange na and she became a bst frnd of mine and her company when 
i was in tense situations made me very comfortable wthout her i donno wht 
might happend to my stdies kastha ekkuva ganey cheppa kani thats true....... 
vyshuu i like u so much am very lucky to have a frnd like u hope our frndship 
continues till our lives end.....some think online frndship is fake tough to 
believe ppl but i want we both to be against to such thought even though 
some relations might get break up thinkin dat fake frndships etccc but in 
everything ther are positives and negatives and our frndship shoud and must 
prove that even many online frnd 


hey vysh ,u r one of the closest frns tat i hav in my engg life,the days when 

we all bunked our classes and one day we got caught by our management and 

we all went to princi room and blah blah blah.....and after tat in 3rd year we 

thought to make a college fest and tat went to utter flap due to our dirty 
princi,tat time chala feel ayya manaku chance raledu ani, mari inka neeeku 

eppudu cheppa ledu ,nuvvu internal bits prepare chesetappudu optins lo 

ONLY B ani istuntivi,enduku ala nenu santoo and sri chala navvukone vallam 

adhi chusi ....mari the day when our CSE batch went for CSC campus 
interview in tirupathi and we all together travelled from blore to tirupathi 
and we changed 2-3 buses and finally went in VOLVO adhi baga gurthuvundi 
after tat nee matalu baga nachutunda ,every time when we talk nuvvu fast ga 
matladam or nenu fast ga matladatam ,evry time jarigedhi elaga i dont know 
why enni times ala jarigindho ,even when we speak over phone also same scene 
will be repeated,chala navvu vachedi after tat ,ayyo 

nenu koncaham slow ga matladithe bagunda anipinchedi,mari inka we had 

same ideas all times if not we adjusted for one idea tat we had ,mari inka 

final year our project reviews ,only our s and ur batch only the batches to 
give reviews ,really great ..........inka finally our FARE WELL ,its was great day 
and tat was the first time i saw tears from ur eyes and i know how much u 
love clg and frnds like us ,i hope tat HAPPY DAYS will be remembered till 
our end ....finally VYSH ROCKKKKS ur s 


hmm...well..!! so many things r thr to share........:)
its full of sweet memories...:)
i will be back soon...!! 

3 Responses so far.

  1. sreekanth says:

    It's really brilliant!!!
    "The Colourful Eyes" ...
    I could see signs of a real author in the description of the blog...
    and every thought you wrote in there, is good...."keep secrets".....immmmmm this is the one i like the most....

    I din't like one thing...the back's a cloudy day dark sky..

    I feel it would look good if it's a sunny skyblue clouds....

    The small, white bubbles passing on the screen is nice...

    overall, it's simply superb...not only how aesthetic the blog looks, but the effort you put in this.....

    Fianlly....!!! having plans of writing a book..?? :)

    If so my best wishes to you...and keep updating the blog...


  2. Yagya says:

    I dunno much about u ..and not a bit curiosity is left inside my mind..Because all the testimonials from your best buddies..reflects everything about..

    Your posting was good too..:)

    You know my English sucks :'(

    By the way i feel nice to read your post..keep writing ..


  3. Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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