The Vision of My Life

Once in a while, Will stuck with this life!!

                  I'm the girl who loves to be crazy all the time, no matter the whereabouts my eyes will always blink sparkle and my lips always smiles. I always choose to pick out the best marble piece out of the worst rocks in the bag of lava. I'm an ordinary simple girl, gone through all spices of the life and moreover who can sneak away from what the time has planned to treat us. But I'm a typical kinda girl, strongly believes in 'whatever happens, it happens for a reason.' However I don't waste my eternity running behind in searching of that reason. I just believe in time which gives us all the answers for whatever we feel and act.

                  Once in a blue moon though you choose to be a good part of the sphere, you even can't imagine how the things stack up together to yell at you and it will be the most annoying part that you even don't understand how to react for your footings. Life's not so easy as it seems. It never come up with a proper do's and don't's so that you can follow. The worst part is, not knowing whether to stay up or to move on - they say.

                   Life would not be the same as we think of. We always have an intention for a change from the routine clog and when it finally happens, it's again us who reckon for the change. We will never be satisfied with whatever we have. To be frank, I'm not that kinda girl who yells at the past. I live in the present and the love the way I'm. But life doesn't let you to be the same of what you are. It gives you all the possibilities to prove yourself and makes you strong out of what you believe in. And my life's, not an exception.

                   I've been tricked, cheated and neglected. I've been expelled by my close friends and I cried my eyes out for sleepless nights. Nonetheless this is all happened in my teen-life, the so called college life. But I've learnt how to take up the challenge and made a beautiful crown out of whatever I had received in return. Just being happy in front of those who betrayed me, is what the simple thing I've done so far. Huh, people also learnt that nothing can knock me down, until my parents and my beloved, are a big strength to me.


                   I've been left with no regrets. I felt very happy to end my super college life, loved each and every inch of what all in all I had experienced. And here comes the new phase of my life. Just one single step (oops, "Seven steps" ofcourse 😉 ) I took, changed my lifestyle completely. Yes, you are right. I'm laying open about the marriage. I'm happily married to a cute loving and romantic chum. Everything has changed. My priorities, pleasures and expectations changed just like that. I've a thought so far that I'm kinda girl who doesn't expect in return. But no, obviously I'll expect the same love and affection from my man in return. Movies, shopping, planned parties and hung up is no more interesting, without HIM. Those late nights, chatting and browsing has completely changed it's meaning. Now family first. Friends and parties became secondary.

                  "Oh sit tight!," life says. As I told you earlier, life would not be the same as we think of. Yeah, 'Time' is introducing the next phase of my life. Yup! The motherhood. Such a lovely feeling.. The moment when I came to know that I'm gonna be the most loveable 'Mommaaa' is

..................................................... Speechless.


           New motherhood.. Magical moments...

                    Now here comes again the time to change all their meanings and priorities. My health and foodie schedule is the main thing to be focused now. Health first. Family and even my first priority (so far, my heart.. My man) became secondary.

Now it's all like "I've been grown up!"

                      It's not the time for ice cream or shoutout. Its the time to be a responsible veteran. First I should prepare myself not to play hooky. I've to learn the so called 'good habits' before I could teach my child. Huh! I've to focus on healthier diet before it gets late. (Actually it's already late I know, being an Home minister..)

                      All of a sudden, everything has been changing. So far, he world looks very normal and habitual. But now, a bit changing. My point of view looking at the things in the world has been changing. "Seeking for good," all the time. I'm like checking everything about how far it may apply good to my childin the future, including with my food diet. Lol... Every morning yoga, taking loads of water and walking, li'l lazy to read spiritually highlighted books but I love to hear the music all the time.

             Likewise all I've been shared, life is taking me crazy every moment. Several questions, several thoughts and too many doubts.. Sometimes I feel like asking, "oh life! Please give me a li'l idea about my future so that I can plan for today." Hehe.. Am I not gone crazy?

            Huh!! May be it would be scary if I get the reply. O..M..G! Again a big doubt!!

           Just like that once in a while, I'll stuck with my life and all I can do now is just
                                           "Hoping for the best!"

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    Good one ☺

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