The Vision of My Life

The aura of Beauty

A story between She.. He.. and Me !!

Dual mind is the most ugly part

She: Now it’s time to think about my relationship with my boy. I’ve to decide right now and tell him. Is he good? Can he take care of me?
Me : Is he settled?
She : It doesn’t matter. He has that zeal to earn enough money for me and for our family.
Me : Oh that’s great. You are very sure about that! Can he be a part of your family?
She: Of course he can. And yeah I’m damn sure about that. But..!
Me : But what??
She : Little complicated.. He is saying that he’ll not speak to my father unless he gets that appointment letter from the company that he waiting for...
Me : Aye he is right! Now what making you trouble?
She : Ask me what is not? Dad is looking a guy for me. And..
          And I’ve to meet him on next Sunday. Dad doesn’t know about my relationship.
Me : Then you’ve to let him know about your relationship.
She : How can I tell my dad about this ?
Me : Why not? Aren’t you sure about your boy and your relationship with him? Don’t you trust him?
She: Hey I trust my boy more than what I can tell you. But what if my dad says No?? That’s it!! I would never see him again in my life time!
Me :  ?????

            ****                          ****            ****                          ****            ****                          ****

He : Hey did you speak to her?
Me: Oh I guess!!  But she has gone mad.
He: Nope! She is my angel. I know that she loves me a lot, more than what you can expect!
Me: Ohh! I hope so. But, I don’t think she’ll be with you even in tough times, dude!!
He: ????
Me: Well I’ve a better idea to fix it.

            ****                          ****            ****                          ****            ****                          ****

A Misunderstanding..

After 2 days …
                      She ran to me crying and...

Me: Dear what exactly happened? Why are you crying??
- - - - - -  -  Silence
Me: Broke up??
-         - - - - -  -  Starring!! Her eyes were full of questions, deeply sunk in emotions.

She: [Staggering] Today morning, I got a call from his dad.
Me: What? I mean who?  HIS DAD??
She: Yes, his dad is warning me to stay away from him. Or else I’ll be payee for it!
Me: Why? Then what did you reply?
She: I donno!! He is nailing my family background and our financial status. He is so mean in his words.
    Does it really matter? I love him and he loves me too. We both love each other and we really prefer each other. We trust each other. And we are the best for each other.

 - - - - - -  -  Crying     - - - - - -  -  Crying

When we are happy with each other then who the hell is his father to nail me? So insane!  Even his son doesn’t look charming!! Actually it doesn’t matter! We love each other!!

Me: Calm down! Did you call your boy on this issue? Or should I speak to him?
She: No! Actually I’m scared!!
Me: Why??
She: I donno!!
Me: Well tell me something, what if your father had warned you the same, instead of his father?
She:  ?????
Me: What?  No answer??

            ****                          ****            ****                          ****            ****                          ****

She was very much confused and was rolling on her bed the whole night.

The next day morning!  She called her boy to clear out the issue.

She: I want to speak to you and it's very important. Can you pick me up for Café day?
He: yea sure darling! Anything for you!!
She: Will meet you at sharp 10a.m.
He: I’ll be there by 9.45a.m. Do you’ve any problem?
She: No. My pleasure!

           Tick..    Tick..  Tick…    At café day!

She: I need to talk to you about our relationship. I believe and trust you more than what you can see and feel.
I love you! I need you! I’m mad at you. I can’t even think myself without you.
Do you feel the same about me?

He: Of course dear, you are my girl. What happened? Now why are you so dull?

She: 2 days back, I got a call from your dad warning me to stay away from you. But I can’t!
    Yeah! I was thinking that you might not be a right choice for me. But I was wrong! I really love you a lot.
  You know what I haven’t slept from 3 days in fear of losing you. Please do not leave me! I’ll be with you in every sec. It’s my promise!  Even If my dad says No, I’ll be with you.

The Touch of Beauty is confidence

-         - - - - -  -  HE smiled and got closer to her. Holding her hand and said…

    Dear, I love you too! We’ll be together and it’s my promise too. Don’t be so scared. No one can tear us apart.
Sweetheart! Actually it was Me who spoke to you over phone, not my dad. I’m very sorry to be so insane. I really didn’t mean it. I just wanted you to know and realize the impact of your own thoughts. I wanted to make you understand about our relationship. And here you are…

Now everything's gonna be alright and as it's said “ Happy Endings!”

            ****                          ****            ****                          ****            ****                          ****

Now Me :
        Yeah! Happy Endings!!
        They are beautiful for each other. And their beauty lies in understanding one another.
        People are beautiful
                          as they Love..
                          as they Care..
                          as they Share..

        "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.."
          I’m not sure whether there exists a ‘Real beauty’ in the dictionary. I believe Only Beauty!!  I don’t think we could find a fake beauty. Because if it's fake, then it's no more a beauty.

      Actually, this blog post is the real story of a couple, to whom I’m the common friend. And the idea of the phone call was mine. I guess it wasn’t such a bad one to make my close friends to get much closer.

      I just gave an example here to annotate my feelings about Beauty. Not only I’m saying about this couple, what I believe is that beauty lies in how far we are able to understand, trust and accept our relationships.

BEAUTY is beauty!!

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” 
  -Ivan Panin

And the Aura of Beauty always lies within. 
We can feel it in Every Innocence, Truth and Love !!

Now Let me ask for all the fella human-beings,
             " Do you have that Aura of Beauty? "      Reply me here if it's Yes!

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32 Responses so far.

  1. Amar says:

    Wow! too much drama for a real story bu enough to make it interesting or the contest i guess..:)..I liked it..:)

    Check my views here -

  2. Mohinee says:

    Hi Vy! Loved your article very much dear! Wonderful solution and wonderful beauty is revealed in your thoughts!

    Keep writing such pleasant thoughts! :)

  3. Good post vysh !
    Finally Happy Endings \m/ :)

  4. Arti says:

    Very Nice, Vyshnavi! It was very sweet of you to do all that! Our actions backed up by our own thoughts - Innocence, Truth and Love - really define our beauty, that is so true! All the Best :)

  5. Very nicely explain the beauty as conversation. I like the concept. I think this is your real experience of someone or may be every girl may face in her life. Loved it.....!

  6. Yea Amar.. sometimes we realy need to act weird to pop out our inner feelings and that is what I did!
    Wit a single Misundrstanding, can ruin all the aura of beauty!

  7. Yea sure Mo.. The beauty lies within and it differs in the way how we feel it..

  8. Thanks Sri... Ur support n ur comments alwys boosts me...!
    Keep visiting :)

  9. Thankyou so much Arti! And all the very best to u too..

  10. Yea Harshal, The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by our heart..

  11. Balaji K says:

    Hi Vyshu, an ordinary post with extra ordinary narration....
    Keep it simple and silly!!!!
    Nice idea and nice presentation....

  12. pramod says:

    style pure in real beauty. A real milestone post and really inspiring.
    keep it up.

  13. Hey Bals.. WE al knw tht beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but juz often we hv to remind ourselves...!
    Cheeeers :)

  14. Thanks P ji... Wil try to keep up my style as U say..! :)

  15. anu says:

    good post vysh....its really nice

  16. Kruthi says:

    lovely vysh.. luv d end saying.. overall beautiful attempt..
    al the best for the contest..

  17. ThnkQ so much dea...... Alwys Ur support n luv make miracles :)

  18. Vysh.. beauty lies in your story.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting post.. All the very best :)

  20. animesh says:

    gal no words. Simply no words. You know this style is my personal favorite and you already have seen posts most close to my heart are in conversation style. And what a story, what a story. And on top of that your concluding commentary on real beauty. What do I say? You are up for the next step of writing. Keep it up, superb. This is going to be a tough contest for other participants. One of the best I saw till now

  21. Thank you so much Ani.. But ur comment 'This is going to be a tough contest for other participants' making me little freak abt the contest :D

  22. animesh says:

    What I meant was that it is going to be tough for others because of this post of yours. This is a marvelous post and you are going to be a strong contender for the prize

  23. Yeah I understood Ani.. So i'm little excited about the contest now :)

  24. animesh says:

    All the best:)
    I have left all my hopes after seeing so many good entries there and after this one, there is no hope at all. Bad luck Mr. Animesh K. Mishra, once again LOL

  25. Ani boss .. i must say u r giving me a lotta hopes....
    Thankk youuu... :)

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